Department of Psychology

“The greatest wealth of a person is their personality.”

The mission of the Department of Psychology at the Faculty of Education of MBU in Banská Bystrica is to prepare experts in the field of psychology and to conduct psychological research. In addition to the provision of guaranteed study programmes, members of the department participate in the teaching of psychological disciplines of the pedagogical-psychological basis of teaching at the university and in other study programmes. The specialty of the department is an emphasis on school psychology. In this area, it actively cooperates with the Association of School Psychology, which is based in the department.

The Department of Psychology conducts scientific and research activities focused on the creativity and performance motivation of pupils, their emotional, practical, social and moral intelligence, on the development of logical and mathematical thinking, on activities in the field of prevention of drug addiction through the implementation of the so-called peer programme, social competencies in the field of counselling, pedagogy and school psychology. It is active in adapting and verifying foreign diagnostic tools to Slovak conditions (England, Ireland, USA, etc.).

The department holds regular meetings with school psychologists working at all levels of schools and in centres of pedagogical and psychological counselling. The international activities of the department include cooperation with foreign partners in the Czech Republic, Poland, England, Germany and Serbia.

Main research fields:

  • Field of pedagogical and school psychology: pupil aggressiveness and aggression, teacher burden management, inclusive education
  • Field of personality psychology: mental health (quality of life, subjective well-being)
  • Field of psychometrics and psychodiagnostics: creation, adaptation and verification of psychometric properties of diagnostic tools (visual emotional intelligence, personality values, perfectionism)
  • Field of leadership in education

Choices of education:

Bachelor study programmes
Psychology (full-time)
Teaching psychology in combination (full-time and external)

Masters study programmes
Psychology (full-time)
Teaching psychology in combination (full-time and external)

Advanced master’s thesis (Rigorosum)
Teaching psychology

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