Department of Pre-primary and Primary Teacher Education

"We seek out and open new ways of educating satisfied and wise people."

The department offers a wide range of study programmes to prepare kindergarten teachers, educators in school clubs, teacher assistants and primary education teachers. Student management is based on the principles of humanistically oriented pedagogy. The department is specific because of its variable composition. It brings together scientists and teachers who address not only the issues of pedagogy and its disciplines, but also mathematics, Slovak language and literature, and subject field didactics. The present spirit of humanity, cohesion and teamwork leads the workplace to common goals, challenges and results, with the added value of the welcome interdisciplinarity.

The department demonstrates a continuous internationally accepted scientific research activity. It actively addresses both scientific and development projects with an emphasis on international cooperation. The most intense working contacts are maintained with the University of Opole (PL), the Kazimierza Wielkiego University in Bydgoszcz (PL), Charles University in Prague (CR), Masaryk University in Brno (Czech Republic), Ostrava University in Ostrava and Windesheim University in Zwolle (NL). Currently, it is developing co-operation with universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina under the ERASMUS+ project, where the department brings its experience in the creation of a pre-school pedagogy curriculum and in the modernization of teaching strategies in teacher training.

The department cooperates with the Department for International Cooperation at the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic and with the Office for Slovaks Living Abroad. It actively participates in the preparation and implementation of educational activities for compatriot teachers and children of foreign Slovaks. The department's priority is also professional engagement in the field of further teacher education in practice and active co-operation with a wide network of training teachers in kindergartens and elementary schools.

Main research fields:    

  • Innovation and modernization of study programmes
  • Teacher research, its professiograhy and capabilities
  • Research of curriculum, curricular reforms, and school reality

Choices of education:

Bachelor study programmes
Pre-primary and Primary Teacher Education (full-time and external)

Masters study programmes
Pre-primary Pedagogy  (full-time and external)
Primary Teacher Education (full-time and external)

Doctoral study programmes
Pre-primary and Primary Teacher Education (full-time and external)

Advanced master’s thesis (Rigorosum)
Pre-primary Pedagogy
Primary Teacher Education

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