Health insurance

All foreign students coming to study in Slovakia are legally obliged to have a health insurance valid for the territory of Slovak Republic and for the whole period of their stay.

Students from EU countries

EU/EEA and Swiss citizens are entitled to health care under the same conditions as the Slovak citizens. They have to present European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to the health care provider. The necessary treatment will be covered by Slovak Health insurance company according to tariffs for Slovak citizens, provided that the health care provider has a valid contract with at least one health insurance company. The European Health Insurance Card cannot be used for private sector health care providers. For more information about EHIC click

Students from Non EU countries

Students from Non EU counties who have not contracted health insurance before leaving their country are required to obtain health insurance in Slovakia. Confirmation of health insurance valid for the territory of Slovak Republic and for the whole period of your stay is to be submitted to the Foreigner´s Police Office within 30 days upon their arrival to Slovakia or upon granting the Temporary Residence Permit. The approximate costs per month is 50 EUR. 
The Health insurance for foreigners generally covers cost of health care and/or urgent health care provided to foreigners on the territory of Slovak Republic such as:

  • ambulatory health care
  • general practitioner for children, youth and adults
  • gynecologist
  • other specialists
  • hospital health care
  • doctor’s first aid and emergency health treatment
  • covering costs of prescription drugs and medical aids
  • special care of expectant mothers and newborn children
  • urgent dental care
  • preventive health checks and rehabilitation programs (to the same extent as Slovak citizens covered by public health care insurance)