Faculty of Education University of Matej Bel

Faculty of Education MBU

The Faculty of Education of MBU (PF MBU) began writing its history in the academic year 1949/1950 when a branch of the Faculty of Education at the Slovak University in Bratislava was founded in Banská Bystrica. The first college in Banská Bystrica was founded in 1954. It was a Higher Pedagogical School. On 1 September 1964 the Faculty of Education was established. The new history of the Faculty of Education began in July 1992 when it became part of Matej Bel University.

Currently, the PF MBU vision is that of a thriving society based on the principles of freedom, responsibility and solidarity, where education is a key value. It is reflected in various interesting subjects and activities or atypical projects for students.

By applying the principles to student centred learning, we create the conditions for the development of mature, moral, committed and professionally competent personalities. Through education, research and collaboration with partners, we contribute to innovative solutions to social challenges. We use a unique combination of pedagogical, psychological, social, spiritual, ethical and artistic perceptions of man and society.

The research activities of the faculty are focused on basic and applied research in the following priority areas:

In addition to scientific activities, artistic activities in the area of ​​musical and visual arts are also being developed at the PF MBU.

Studying at PF MBU takes place in accredited study programmes at the 1st, 2nd and 3rd levels of university studies. In addition, the faculty guarantees and provides a common basis for teacher education programmes throughout the university. The scope for careers for graduates is mainly in the following professions: teachers of kindergarten, primary, secondary, tertiary education, educator, leisure time animator, social pedagogue, social worker, psychologist, youth worker, adult educator, cultural educator, human development resources worker, consultant, theologian, missionary worker. Graduates are ready to work directly with different target groups as well as to perform methodological, conceptual, project, management and research activities in the field of state administration and self-government, in the business sphere and in the third sector.

PF MBU has the right to carry out habilitation procedures and appointments for professors in four fields of study: pedagogy, pre-school and elementary pedagogy, andragogy and theology.

PF MBU has successfully developed international cooperation with tertiary education institutions in the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Hungary, England, Belgium, the USA, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Serbia, Switzerland and Finland.

PF MBU actively cooperates with schools, educational institutions as well as with psychological, social and church organizations and institutions in the field of realization of students' professional practice, as well as organizing joint events, realizing projects and publishing publications. PF MBU also creates space for the activities of professional organizations; the Association of School Psychologists, Association of Social Teachers and Association of Educators in Social Work all have their offices here. PF MBU is an expert partner of the project of the Comenius Institute, which is implemented by the civic association Živica. In 2018, the Faculty of Education of MBU was awarded the Perceptive School Award by Eduma.

PF MBU actively engages in community and regional development to address local and community problems and contributes to the development of a civil society through the implementation of the service-learning strategy, linking formal and non-formal education, supporting voluntary activities of students, and cooperation with public administration, self-government and the NGO sector.