Service-learning – Engaged and Collaborative Teaching and Learning in Social Work

Informácie o projekte

The purpose of the project is strength capacities of HEIs and community organizations in Service Learning (SL) implementation and improve quality of social work education. The project is based on transfer and sharing of knowledge from experienced countries to ones which do not have this experience and common learning. SL itself is based on the cooperation between university and community. The project will involve practice teachers and students from universities, as well as community collaborators (public and nonprofit organization working in the social work or cooperating with social workers).


EASSW – European Association of Schools of Social Work

Doba riešenia:1. jún. 2021 - 31. máj. 2022
Vedúci projektu:doc. PhDr. Alžbeta Brozmanová Gregorová, PhD.
Koordinátor projektu:Pedagogická fakulta UMB, Katedra sociálnej práce
Spoluriešitelia:Mgr. Jana Šolcová, PhD.
PhDr. Michaela Šavrnochová, PhD.
PhDr. Katarína Kurčíková, PhD.
Zahraničný projekt:áno

There are 5 universities from 4 countries involved in the project. Partners have different level of experiences with SL, but all partners have reach experience in different forms of community based learning.

 (1)   The training about SL for HEI teachers will be provided by representatives from the universities of Slovakia who will prepare the training for other partners, all partners will share experiences with community-based learning and their context of community activities of social work students. Part of the meeting will be focused on the preparation of a virtual cross-national seminar.

(2)   The partner countries as well as other schools from EASSW will share experiences and knowledge through virtual cross-national European Seminar on service-learning in social work education.

HEI teachers will be invited to share experiences, benefits, and challenges with SL implementation and name recommendations for SL implementation in social work education for different stakeholders. Examples of SL in the time of COVID crisis will be highlighted.

(3)   Prepare and publish cross-national scientific study on Service-learning in Social Work Education in partners countries. The publication will be prepared in cooperation between all partners of the project. It will include outputs from the SL implementation after the training and it will reflect specific conditions for SL implementation in the education of social workers.

(4)   The partner universities will
prepare and publish practical publication dedicated to the community organizations which are involved or which want to be involved in the SL. The publication will include basic principles of university social work education and SL, SL methodology, benefits, and good practice examples.