About Project

The Department of Social Work of the Faculty of Education is often involved in projects that result in assistance to those who need it. This time it joined forces with the Fundación Escuela de la Solidaridad (Spain), Fundación Tomillo (Spain) and Cooperativa Sociale Artemide Onlus (Italy) to jointly address the European Union-funded international Erasmus + project entitled Cook for future: New vet horizons for social inclusion in food service (Erasmus project + number 2017-1-ES01-KA202-038142). The project is mainly based on the need to acquire competencies in the development of economic initiatives in the field of social entrepreneurship in order to create new job opportunities in the labor market for both workers and users of social institutions. The main goal is to support the integration of disadvantaged groups into society, reduce public spending and enable social enterprises to create economically sustainable projects within the framework of "generative prosperity". The project can also help solve another big problem today, which is food waste. It proposes to educate and stimulate small social enterprises, their employees, respectively future workers, including in food waste reduction practices. In the project, its implementers therefore set several sub-objectives. The first is to develop a European strategy for the training of social entrepreneurship professionals in the field of catering services. The second is to develop a European strategy for the training of people at risk of social exclusion, aimed at developing their self-employment capacity. The third is to promote the quality and sustainability of social catering and social entrepreneurship services in the field of catering services, in accordance with the principles of "generative well-being", in order to ensure their self-sufficiency. The fourth objective is to reduce public spending by promoting the independence of social enterprises in the field of catering services and the development of self-sufficient social initiatives. The last fifth objective is to prepare training for service coordinators in the field of inclusive hospitality facilities for various disadvantaged groups of citizens. As can be seen from the above, many activities are focused on education. The preparation of these educational activities is coordinated in the project by the Slovak side, employees of the Department of Social Work FoE UMB, as this department already educates students in the study program Economics and Management of Social Work in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics of UMB, which is close to the topic of the project itself. The participating employees of the Department prepared a study program for managers of companies employing disadvantaged groups of the population. The training itself will take place in the form of VET education and will be implemented in the Spanish Granada for those interested from all over Europe, as well as online course. We believe that such education can significantly help young people disadvantaged by various types of disability and make it easier for them to enter the labor market, which in turn can improve their quality of life.