Faculty of Education University of Matej Bel

Slovak Language for Foreigners

Department of Language Communication in Business, Faculty of Economics of Matej Bel University, provides courses of Slovak Language for Foreigners.

The courses of Slovak Language for Foreigners:
- are optional - are intended for foreign students of MBU who are registered in the AIS information system in a particular academic year
- are offered in winter and summer terms in an academic year
- take place on the premises of the Faculty of Economics, Tajovskeho 10, Banska Bystrica
- are taught in different levels according to skills and requirements of foreign students

For more information contact:
Mgr. Eva Jurčáková, PhD. eva.jurcakova@umb.sk
Mgr. Dagmar Škvareninová, PhD. dagmar.skvareninova@umb.sk