Faculty of Education University of Matej Bel

Arrival to Banská Bystrica

  1. First day is for accommodation in the Dorm only for Erasmus students. We called it Studentský domov or Internat. You need 2 photos (3x3.5 cm) and have to pay cash for 4 month by arrival.
    • Sigle room 61 € / month
    • Double room 57 €/ month
    • Triple room 54 €/ month
    http://www.umb.sk/umb/umbbb.nsf/page/SD3Adress: Študentský domov 3, Tajovského 51, 974 01 Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
  2. Second day is for meeting with international relations officer and representative of faculty, for detailed information about study and time schedule of lectures, finalize Learning Agreement before beginning of the semester, equip university ASIC card and what necessary.
  3. First week is necessary to personal visit to foreign police and registration office, completing materials for the stay in Slovakia.