Faculty of Education University of Matej Bel

Buddy Programme

ESN UMB BB - Erasmus Student Network which started in the academic year 2009/2010 and it provides help to international students in the beginning of their studies at the University.
Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is a non-for-profit international student organization. Their mission is to represent international students, thus provide opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development under the principle of Students Helping Students.

Foreign students incoming to Banska Bystrica are automatically enrolled in the buddy system. You will be contacted by your buddy/tutor a few weeks before official start of semester in your university. If it is not done so five weeks before the official start, send us an email to esn.umb@gmail.com and we will send you back more detailed information.

The official web site: http://umb.esn.sk/

The blog: http://umb.esn.sk/?q=content/blog

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