The Department of Theology and Christian Education

The Department provides instruction in the specialisation of Theology. At present, a programme of Evangelical Theology and Mission is provided. The main objectives of the education processes are aimed at teaching professional and theoretical basics of Theology and providing professional work opportunities for future preachers, catechists and deacons. The Department has also been preparing programmes of Evangelical Theology at the second (MA) and the third level (PhD) of university education and Religious Education Teaching at the second level (MA) of university education. Those courses have been preparing for an accreditation process which will begin, pending official clearance, in the near future. The members of pedagogical staff participate in the publication activities (according to the publication schedule) for students, teachers, religious denominations and the public. The Department has regularly organised international scientific theological conferences focused on current activities in the field of Evangelical theology, mission, catechism and deacon preparation. These research findings have been published in anthologies. The Department has also published a half-year Evangelical Theology Magazine. The pedagogues frequent the international events of related universities and organisations. The Association of Evangelical Churches and the Faculty of Education MBU has operated a library for the students of The Department and the religious publics. The Department assists in future religious worker training as they acquire their professional qualifications for Christian education, mission and deaconship preparation. The Department is internally divided into the following sections: (1) The Bible study and philosophy, (2) Systematic theology, (3) Practical theology, (4) Catechism and missiology and (5) History of Christianity and historical theology. The scientific and research activities of the Faculty are focused on the impact of Christianity on the individual and society, inside and outside of the Church. The teachers are active members in various Christian denominations, and work together to solve their objectives successfully. Science and research objectives are included in the realm of art and social sciences at the level of the institutional research authorised by the Faculty. Scientific and research findings are utilised by the University, other university departments and by the Church for educational purposes at the primary and secondary schools as well as in social and cultural institutions. The Department has also aimed at international cooperation with related university departments within institutions mainly in the European Union and with Universities in the USA through the visiting lectures and their involvement in the scientific conferences. See more about the Department.

Department of Theology and religious education FE UMB
Ružová 11
974 11 Banská Bystrica

phone: +421 48 446 4912