The Department of Social Work

The Department of Social Work of Matej Bel University was founded in 2004. However, a specialisation in social work has been provided at the second level of university education (MA) since the academic year 1996/97 (at that time under The Department of Pedagogy). The Department has carried out pedagogical and scientific research and publishing activities since its inception. The members have actively participated in the grant projects (KEGA, VEGA) and state projects and have cooperated with scientific and professional institutions in solving Department orientation issues. The scientific and research activities of The Department members have focused on the following domains: the solving and prevention of child, youth and adult addictions and their social and educational issues as well as adoptive family issues. Another scientific, research and publication activities have been focused on the social phenomenon of poverty, unemployment and its consequences, social consultation, professional preparation of social workers, social participation of the citizens, development of the third sector and volunteering, social policy, Roma issues etc. Members of The Department have actively presented the results of their scientific and professional activities by means of professional and scientific seminars and conferences, e.g. “Community Work – the Needs and Perspectives” (1998), “Volunteering in Banská Bystrica” (2002), a section “The Status of Pedagogy Disciplines in the System of Preparation Academic and Professional Subjects Teachers – A Current Social Pedagogy and Social Work Issues.” at conference during the 50th Anniversary of Teaching Education in Banská Bystrica (2004), “Poverty – A Current Social Problem” (2004), “The Third Sector in Banská Bystrica” (2005), “Poverty and Wealth – the Present Paradoxes” (2006) and SOCIALIA 2007 / 2009. Members of The Department have actively participated in national and foreign conferences and have been actively involved in many science and research assignments and educational projects, in Slovakia and abroad, as well as in publishing activities in the field of monographs, university textbooks, scientific studies and professional articles. The Department has also been involved in students volunteering activity in the field of social service, which represents The Department well not only in the framework of the Faculty, but also out of it. In this field The Department has actively cooperated with the civic association The Volunteering Centre in its realisation of its “Volunteering Programme” and “Harm Reduction Programme”. Developing cooperation with The Departments of Social Work and related Departments in Slovakia and abroad is one of the important missions of The Department. An experience exchange as well as participation in professional events is main objective. The Department has assumed an importance to its mission mainly because of potential Department development as well as cooperation in the field of science assignments and publishing activities. The Department has cooperated with related universities in Opole (PL), Lodž (PL), Torun (PL), Hradec Králové (CZ), Olomouc (CZ) and Ostrava (CZ).

Department of Social Work FE UMB
Ružová 11
974 11 Banská Bystrica

phone: +421 48 446 4782