The Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology has provided instruction in the teaching of Psychology within a framework of Academic Subjects Teaching Specialisations as well as in programme of Psychology. In addiction, it has also provided psychological preparation in all specialisations (pedagogical as well as non-pedagogical) within full-time as well as extramural studies (including further studies, specialised and further pedagogical studies). Members of The Department have also provided instruction in the further study of Psychology in General Teaching Education specialisations as well as in psychological disciplines in postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Education and at the Faculty of Natural Sciences MBU. The Department has also administered the viva voce doctorates examinations in Psychology. Many Department teachers are members of the Habilitation Committee for a PhD degree in the specialisation of pedagogical psychology. The main objective of The Department in the field of pedagogy has aimed at improving the professional qualifications of the teachers as well as educational and social workers. The full development of a student´s personality (which is another objective of The Department) is achieved through many socio-psychological courses and creative programs. In addition, The Department has participated in psychology professionals´ preparation. The science and research activities of The Department members are closely related to educational process. They have been working on pupils´ and students´ classification issues at primary and secondary schools assessments, teachers´ character issue, pedagogical and educational situation modelling, creativity etc. At the moment, members of The Department have been involved in two scientific projects within the framework of VEGA – “The Psychological Aspects of Reality Shows” and “The Quality of Life - Do Current Students Aspire to a Meaningful Life?”. The Department has cooperated with: all of The Departments of Psychology in Slovak universities, the Slovak Psychological Society and the Association of School Psychology of Slovakia and the Czech Republic. It has organised psychology teacher meetings in other Departments of Psychology of Slovak universities as well as at the events of the Slovak Psychological Society and the Association of School Psychology of Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The Department has developed its international activities mainly with the universities in the Czech Republic. It has cooperated with the Faculty of Education of Charles University in Prague, the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Hradec Králové, the University in Ostrava (and its Faculties) as well as with other foreign universities´ departments in the Czech Republic. The Department has also organised the international conference “Ďurič Days” and its members have regularly attended national and foreign conferences. The Department has prepared an accredited course of Psychology at the second level of university education (MA). One of The Department priorities is to intensify cooperation between universities and industry.

Department of Psychology FE UMB
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