The Department of Music education

The Department has provided instruction at all levels (BA, MA, PhD) of university education in the following accredited courses of study: Music Education in combination with other teaching courses of study (BA, MA), Music Education Didactics (PhD), School Music Ensembles with a combination of music education (BA, MA) and the new extramural course of study Leisure-time Music Ensembles (BA) in the specialisation of Music art. Providing these musical courses of study including Nursery and Primary Pedagogy, Nursery and Primary Pedagogy of socially disadvantaged groups, Nursery Pedagogy and Primary Education Teaching is one of the important objectives of The Department. The workers of The Department (together with other Departments) have participated in specialised studies (e.g. the creative dramatics and unusual education process methods). The Department has also participated in the implementation of a European Cultural Studies course at the Faculty of Humanities MBU by means of providing instruction in musical and scientific disciplines at the second as well as the third level of education. The scientific activities of The Department are focused on basic research in the field of Slovak music and ethnomusicology as well as on the issues of music pedagogy. The production of textbooks, an attendance at scientific conferences in Slovakia and abroad, widespread publication activity, and scientific and research progress are the results of these activities. The Department in all aspects (in a professional as well as an administrative way) guarantees the activities of Mladosť, the Mixed Choir of the University. The choir fulfils not only the pedagogical function (future choirmaster and children´s choirmaster preparation), but it also represents The Department and The University at the contests, festivals and choral art tours in Slovakia and abroad.

Department of Music education FE UMB
Ružová 11
974 11 Banská Bystrica

phone: +421 48 446 4512