The Department of Ethics and Civic Education

The Department presently provides full-time as well as extramural studies in the accredited programme of Civic Education Teaching at two levels (BA, MA) of university education. The Department has also participated in the accredited programme of Nursery and Primary Pedagogy at the second (MA) and the third level (PhD) of university education. It has provided teaching of the theoretical basics of the philosophical, ethical, political, historical and regional disciplines (as the general basics of the studies) for students of the Faculty of Education has been provided. In connection with the scientific and research knowledge of The Departments members in scientific disciplines, the research activities of The Departments teachers are progressively focused on the pedagogical, philosophical, ethical, historical and political aspects of education. Within the process of education a special importance to the psycho-didactic methods and their practical use in the process of ethical education is given. The scientific and research activities of The Departments members are focused on the following objectives: students´ and teachers´ education in the field of civic education, the phenomena of multiculturalism and multicultural education, media education, environmental education and children philosophy. The members of The Department are involved in a grant research project “The Concept of Teaching Ethics Subject in Slovakia and in Selected European Countries” of The Slovak Research and Development Agency. In connection with this research, The Department has organised international scientific conferences focused on the main conceptual, curricular, methodological and methodical issues of ethical education in Slovakia and abroad. Those activities have resulted in a high level of cooperation with the Slovak and foreign Faculties of Education. The members of The Department have presented their scientific findings at national and foreign scientific conferences, symposiums, colloquiums and other scientific events. They have published them in the national and foreign specialist issue magazines and have developed their activities by means of scientific and executive councils of the Faculty and the University, through national and international magazines as well as with national specialist committees (e.g. KEGA, SZPB, Czech-Polish-Slovak Educational Review and Slovak Philosophical Society).

Department of Ethics and civic education FE UMB
Ružová 11
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