The Department of Elementary and Preschool Pedagogy

The Department presently provides instruction in the following accredited courses of study: Pre-school and Primary Pedagogy (BA), Primary Education Teaching (MA), Pre-school Pedagogy (MA), Pre-school and Primary Pedagogy (PhD) - a postgraduate accredited programme of study. The students may select a wide range of compulsory and optional study subjects (related to the demands of the school system). The Department tries to achieve its educational objectives by means of exercising educational principles of humanism in teacher´s work at primary and pre-primary level of education (pre-school teachers, teacher´s assistants and clubhouse pedagogues). The students are acquainted with those principles through lectures and interactive seminars, where their creative ideas (which they can actively participate in) can be realised. The teachers´ professional and personal quality development issues and application of modern didactic methods at pre-primary and primary levels of education dominate the scientific and research activities of The Department. The research findings are aimed at improving the preparation of Pre-school teachers, primary level education teachers, teacher´s assistants and practice teachers. In addition, the issues of education for pre-school and young school children as well as for socially disadvantaged children have observed in elaborate details. Nowadays, the members of The Department are involved in and deal with national and multinational cooperation projects (APVV, VEGA, KEGA and projects of The Ministry of Education). An international cooperation by means of participating in many international projects and programs has been developed. The most important cooperations have developed with Opole University (PL), The Teacher´s Institute in Bydgoszcz (PL), Charles University in Prague (CZ), Masaryk University in Brno (CZ) and University of Ostrava (CZ). An intensive cooperation within the framework of the Faculties of Education in Slovakia has developed with the Faculty of Education of University of Prešov (in Prešov) and the Faculty of Education of University of Trnava (in Trnava). One of the most important visions of The Department (within the framework of a broad international cooperation) is to develop educational research in the field of pre-primary and primary education in order to improve accredited programmes of study and fulfil the need of a wide range of professional employment for its graduates. The Departments priority is also a professional involvement in the further education of teachers in practice.

Department of Elementary and preschool pedagogy FE UMB
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