The Department of Andragogy

The Department of Andragogy is one of the youngest departments of the Faculty of Education of Matej Bel University. It was created in March 2008 by fusion of the places of employment where a specialisation in Andragogy was formerly taught. The Department now provides full-time as well as extramural studies in Andragogy at all levels of university studies (BA, MA, PhD) nowadays. The Department develops the Andragogy specialisation in accordance with the latest understanding of this scientific discipline. The university students acquire academic knowledge and practical skills development in the field of systematic andragogy as well as applied andragogy disciplines (professional, social and cultural andragogy) at relevant levels of their studies. Educational activity is closely related to the scientific and research activities of The Department members. They are responsible for the successful achievement of many scientific and research assignments in the field of basic and applied andragogical research. Members of The Department focused their research on the analysis of adult education needs, the attainment of professional knowledge, married couples and parents´ education, health education and other current topics of Andragogy. The Department has cooperated with many national and foreign businesses and institutions (e.g. in Prague, Olomouc, Prešov, Bratislava) in educational, scientific, research and publishing activities since its establishment. The Department also closely cooperates with the related workplaces as well as with the other administrative sections of the Faculty of Education (e.g. The Lifetime Learning Centre of MBU). The guarantee of continuance and improvement of the accredited specialisation is a strategic aim of The Department of Andragogy. Therefore, the scientific, research and educational activities and the professional knowledge of its staff and teachers as well as the management personnel have contributed to the success it has so far achieved.

The employment opportunities of The Department graduates: Andragogy specialisation graduates could be employed as executive, scientific or research workers at relevant levels and in areas of practical Andragogy activities, including adult education and consultancy process management workers or as further theoretical research development workers (PhD graduates).

Department of Andragogy FE UMB
Ružová 11
974 11 Banská Bystrica

phone: +421 48 446 4612