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Department of Social Work

"We open the way to change."

The mission of the Department of Social Work at the PF MBU is to humanize students, to expand their horizons, to prepare them well for the profession of social worker in practice. The department builds a positive image of social work within the professional and lay public. The uniqueness of the study at the Department of Social Work at the PF MBU is linked to the existence of two specializations in the Master's degree - social work with youth and social work with the elderly. Since the academic year 2018/2019, in cooperation with the Department of Public Economics and Services at the Faculty of Economics, MBU guarantees a unique study programme in economics and management of social work.

In the area of ​​foreign relations, the department cooperates with several university departments in the Czech Republic, Poland, Norway, Germany and Argentina. Scientific and professional activities are developed by the staff with departments of social work and workplaces in which social work is taught and implemented in Slovakia. Close cooperation is realized with the Association of Educators in Social Work in the Slovak Republic.

The members of the department are involved in the solution of several domestic and foreign projects of a research and educational nature. The department actively develops an innovative educational service-learning strategy at both faculty and university level. There is a special focus on the development of student volunteering and the organization of events and the solving of scientific research tasks in cooperation with the town of Banská Bystrica itself, the Banská Bystrica self-governing region, non-governmental organizations and social service providers in the Banská Bystrica region.

Main research fields:

Choices of education:

Bachelor study programmes
Social work (full-time and external)

Masters study programmes
Social work (full-time and external)

Doctoral study programmes
Social work (full-time and external)

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Members of Department

Alžbeta Brozmanová Gregorová
Filip Bambúch
Peter Jusko
Katarína Kurčíková
Michaela Šavrnochová
Jana Šolcová
Ladislav Vaska
Jana Vrťová 


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