Department of Pedagogy

"The goal of education is to give body and soul all the beauty and perfection they are capable of."

The Department of Pedagogy has more than 55 years of history. Its mission is to prepare students for the profession of teacher, educator, teacher assistant and social pedagogue. In addition to the provision of guaranteed study programmes, members of the department participate in the guarantee and teaching of pedagogical disciplines of the pedagogical-psychological basis of teaching at the university.

In the scientific and research activities, the department cooperates with several university departments in the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Argentina through project and teaching activities. The members of the department are currently involved in the solution of both domestic and foreign projects of a research and educational nature. It regularly organizes conferences and various workshops and seminars. It actively cooperates with different subjects of educational practice, e.g. with the Methodology-pedagogical centre in Banská Bystrica, Živica, Eduma, Centre for community organization, Milan Šimeček Foundation, Škola v prírode Aligátory, etc. The department was the initiator of the Association of Social Educators in Slovakia and is also its seat. It is actively involved in developing a service-learning strategy, as well as in spreading the Duke of Edinburgh International Award.

 Main research fields:

  • Pedagogy and pedeutology (preparation of future professional and pedagogical staff)
  • Pedagogy of leisure time (free time and education outside the classroom)
  • Inclusive and special pedagogy
  • Social pathology and prevention (risk and risk behaviour of children, youth and the possibility of their elimination)
  • Social pedagogy and school social-educational and preventive work of social pedagogues

Choices of education:

Bachelor study programmes
Teaching of Pedagogy in combination (full-time)
Pedagogy – Leisure Education (full-time and external)

Masters study programmes
Teaching Pedagogy in combination (full-time)
Social Pedagogy (full-time and external)

Doctoral study programmes
Pedagogy (full-time and external)

Advanced master’s thesis (Rigorosum)

Additional education
Continuing Studies – Preparatory Attestation Education for the first attestation for professional employees: social pedagogues in schools and school departments .

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