Department of Fine Arts

"Creativity is not exceptional, it makes sense to develop and apply it in life."

The Department of Fine Arts at the PF MBU provides the university education for teachers in the field of creative (and today also visual) art. Its field of application (science and teaching) stems from the penetrations and synergies of those areas moving on the axis between creative-pedagogical theory and practice, artistic creation and reflection of a broader visual culture. The department supports and develops the creative creativity of students not only in a practical artistic direction but also in the direction of meaningful use and its application in the educational reality of school.

The department is engaged in partnerships with several cultural institutions in Slovakia, such as the Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art in Medzilaborce, the Central Slovak Gallery, the Central Slovak Museum, the State Scientific Library, the Dance Theatre, the Regional Educational Centre and the Puppet Theatre at Rázcestí in Banská Bystrica and others. The results of this cooperation result in quality exhibition and publication outputs. The international activities of the department include cooperation with foreign pedagogical and artistic partner schools in the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Hungary and Serbia. The teachers of the department regularly take part in exhibitions, symposia and creative workshops, international conferences and are members of international juries and organizations.

Main research fields:

  • New creative strategies and their use in the educational process
  • Creative talent - identification and development
  • Creative media and its development in the contemporary educational environment

 Choices of education:

Bachelor study programmes
Teaching Art education (full-time)
Teaching Art education in combination (full-time)

Masters study programmes
Teaching Art education (full-time)
Teaching Art education in combination (full-time)

Advanced master’s thesis (Rigorosum)
Teaching Art education

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