Department of Ethics and Civic Education

"Ethics is an activity aimed at the inner perfection of human personality." A. Schweitzer

The Department of Ethics and Civic Education provides teaching of the theoretical foundations of scientific departments, namely the basic disciplines of ethics, philosophy, political science, history, whereby they are not only taught within the guaranteed study programmes but also as part of a general basis for all students of the Faculty of Education of MBU.

The members of the Department of Ethics and Civic Education have actively participated in and participate in several grant projects (including international ones) focusing on various aspects of citizenship, environmental ethics, human rights, critical thinking and their possible application to ethics education as well as the comparison of ethical education in selected European countries. Outputs from these projects include, in addition to scientific publications intended for the narrower professional public, also didactic materials for primary and secondary schools. In particular, the members of the department cooperate with partners from the Czech Republic (Charles University in Prague, University of Hradec Kralove ...), Poland (mainly Lodz, Lublin, Warsaw) and the Netherlands (Tilburg University). Furthermore, the department has established and developed cooperation in the field of ethics with experts from Dublin City University in Ireland. The existing cooperation has been transformed into exchange lectures by teachers at both workplaces. As part of the project activities, the department organized several international scientific conferences and workshops. 

Main research fields:

  • The curriculum of ethical education in Slovakia and in Europe
  • Development of critical thinking in teaching
  • Attributes of European identity in the field of education

Choices of education:

Bachelor study programmes
Teaching of Ethics in combination (full-time and external)

Masters study programmes
Teaching of Ethics in combination (full-time and external)

Advanced master’s thesis (Rigorosum)
Teaching of Ethics

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