Department of Andragogy

“Education does not end with school.”

The Department of Andragogy is one of the youngest departments of the Faculty of Education of Matej Bel University. The strategic aim of the department is to provide continuous guarantee and enhancement of the accredited study department and in this sense, it is oriented not only to the research and pedagogical activity of its members but also to the necessary professional growth of teachers and conceptual personnel policy. The field of study of andragogy at the department develops in the context of the latest theoretical knowledge of this discipline. The results of scientific, research and publishing activities greatly support the quality of the learning process.

Since its foundation, the department has been working with several domestic and foreign workplaces and organizations (Prague, Olomouc, Prešov, Bratislava and others) in pedagogical, scientific, research and publishing activities. In 2017, it obtained the right to carry out habilitation and inaugurations in the field of andragogy as the only workplace in the Central European (Visegrad) area. Since its inception (2008), it has been continuously successful in obtaining projects from domestic and foreign grant schemes (ERASMUS, APVV, VEGA, KEGA ...). Since 2013, it is the organizer of the renowned international scientific conference EDUCATION OF ADULTS, has developed a network of contacts with domestic and foreign academic institutions and other important institutions in the field of andragogical theory and adult education.

Main research fields:

  • Further training and counselling
  • Adult learning and quality of life
  • Interesting and civic education of adults and the education of senior citizens

Choices of education:

Bachelor study programmes

andragogy (full-time and external)

Masters study programmes
andragogy (full-time and external)

Doctoral study programmes
andragogy (full-time and external)

Advanced master’s thesis (Rigorosum)

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